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Micro PC with LINUX operating system

The other day I mentioned that ipcas released a new embedded systems product this year – Linux Box 2.

The enormous range of applications the open source LINUX-based embedded system supports
– in short: its amazing versatility, ubiquitous connectivity, and its cost-effectiveness – make this new technology increasingly popular among all kinds of users and account for its speedy success on the global market.

"In just a few short years, Linux has exploded onto all aspects of the computing scene, offering a low cost, open source solution with strong support for open standards, networking, communications, Internet, graphics, … and more all the time." (Linuxdevices –

This leads me on to introduce another of ipcas’s embedded system solutions:
Micro PC with LINUX operating system
The budget-priced, low power input, and compact LINUX Box LB1

has been specially designed for peripheral tasks and connecting various devices and machines to the Ethernet.

LINUX Box LB1 with
extreme versatility

The integrated LINUX operating system and the combination of 32-bit CPU, various interfaces, real-time clock, and USB ports make the compact LINUX Box LB1 ideal for the implementation of peripheral tasks with wide-ranging functionality – from open- and closed-loop controlling, data acquisition, and remote maintenance, through to protocol conversion, and embedded computing.

LINUX Box LB1 with
wide-range network ability

The other crucial feature the LINUX Box LB1 offers is network ability, thus opening the gates to the new world of high-end online working environments. To network your machines/devices, LINUX Box LB1 additionally enables the user to benefit from immediate access to a wide range of network services such as the HTTP, FTP, SSH, PPP, and TELNET servers as well as the FTP, SSH, and DHCP clients. Of course, users also have the option to develop their own software solutions for specific applications wherever required.

The LINUX operating system and extensive network services such as the web server HTTP, SSH, FTP, and Telnet are all pre-installed. And, that goes without saying, the LINUX Box LB1 is immediately ready to run without time-consuming software installations. Last but not least, the embedded system provides fast boot times and safe operation. See for yourself and view the specifics of LINUX Box LB1

Get your PLCs networked!!

Do you still rush to all of your machines, devices, or appliances and back again every time you want to monitor parameters, log processes, or change settings?
What if they don’t work properly – how do you know unless you take another trip back again to find out?

How much time and resources are still being spent on worrying, scheduling, and moving back and forth, sometimes over long distances, to monitor and set equipment?

RS232 (serial) to Ethernet (network) Converter

Networked operating environments
through Serial-Ethernet Converters

Just think: with a Serial-Ethernet Converter

you could be doing all these things comfortably from your home or office PC and have all this time to yourself for your leisure or for more creative and productive tasks.

In the meantime being networked has become a global standard and a benchmark of competitiveness. Wherever large stakes are involved, it is an absolute must! And Serial-Ethernet Converters are the easy way to do it!

Costs/Benefits of Serial-Ethernet Converters

Are they expensive? No, not really – Serial-Ethernet Converters are well below the lower price range of normal PCs. And just think of all the time, work, and energy resources you could be saving. Enjoy the competitive edge you’ll gain! Savor the thrill of stepping into the age of intelligently networked environments! Save time and money. Reap the benefits!

For specifics view Serial-Ethernet Converter

Centronics to USB Printer Converter

In our last Industrial Solutions entry (Refer to "Old interfaces …")we tried to show you how convenient it is to connect your old serial interfaces to modern printing technology with the RS232 to USB Converter, enabling you not only to link up and print but also to network your log data.

Centronics to USB Printer Converter

But what if you have or need parallel interfaces to be linked up?
Well, fortunately we’ve got good news for you!
The ipcas Centronics – USB Printer Converter does just the job allowing you to connect your legacy parallel interface equipment to modern USB printers.
Here are some of the advantages of the Centronics – Printer USB Converter:

  • Supports virtually unlimited selection of USB printers, graphics, formats, etc.
  • No machine/interface refitting!
  • No time-consuming installation drivers required!
  • Easy to configure – no IT expertise required!
  • Dynamic data buffer memory – no more data loss!
  • USB Stick to configure, retrieve and/or output log data on your office PC!
  • Optimized printing process helps you save paper!
  • LAN 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface enables network access to print data!

For details view
Centronics – USB Converter

Old interfaces – new printing solutions

Today I would like to introduce another line of our industrial solution products featuring leading edge converter modules for best printing solutions, especially for industrial data logging (MDA, PDA, etc.).

Are you currently looking for spare parts for your conventional log printer and discovering that suppliers are gradually running out of stock because legacy printers are being phased out by customary USB printers? And this in times of increased logging demands and growing market expectations for continuous monitoring?

RS232 to USB Converter

Now, if you are looking for an easy way to make the transition from legacy to USB printing technology, then the ipcas RS232 to USB Converter is certainly the right answer to your problem for a variety of reasons:

  • The RS232 – USB Converter enables you to choose from a wide selection of possible printers and supports all kinds of log and graphics formats in black and white or color.
  • The RS232 – USB Converter easily connects to old and new interfaces, saving you time and costs for refitting!
  • The RS232 – USB Converter is immediately ready to run. No drivers required, saving you time and costs for complicated installations!
  • The RS232 – USB Converter is a cinch to configure. All you have to do is use the provided USB Stick with the configuration software to load it to the converter and PC. No IT expertise required!
  • The RS232 – USB Converter features a dynamic data buffer memory of more than 100 DIN A4 pages for increased data security (Buffer memory capacity can be raised substantially by installing a CompactFlash board into the converter). Therefore, no more data loss in case of device failure (paper jamming, empty cartridges, operation errors, etc.)!
  • The RS232 – USB Converter not only allows you to make use the USB Stick to configure but also to retrieve lost data and, what’s more, to output log data for further processing on your office PC!
  • The RS232 – USB Converter helps you save paper due to its optimized printing process which accumulates data into print lines before it is printed out automatically.
  • Finally, the RS232 – USB Converter provides a LAN 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface, thus making your log printer networkable and enabling network access to print data. So if you choose to get set on using cutting-edge and environmentally-friendly printing technology, why not change over entirely to a paperless logging system, thus saving even more time, costs, and material!

Just think of all the money, time, and work hours you could be saving by converting to USB-equipped technology NOW. The ipcas RS232 USB Converter provides you with the missing link between old technology (interfaces) and state-of-the-art printing and networking technology requirements. Seize the day – get “converted”!

To link up serial interfaces view RS232 to USB Converter
To link up parallel interfaces view Centronics – USB Printer Converter

Its an embedded world!

We are exhibiting at embedded world 2008

In case you didn’t already know, ipcas is exhibiting again at the Embedded World 2008 trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, from 26 to 28 February 2008. Come and join us at Hall 9, Stand 567. We’d be delighted!

You will find us here:

ipcas - ebdedded world hall 9, stand 567


Embedded World is regarded as the world’s largest exhibition of its kind, and is treated as the place to meet by the international embedded community. “Welcome to a smarter world!” is this year’s exhibition motto.

Embedded technology is used everywhere – whether in car, data, or telecommunication systems, industrial or consumer electronics, military or aerospace systems. Embedded PCs are being sold worldwide with great success. Over the next few years, strong growth is forecasted particularly in the area of small, compact box and panel PCs with embedded operating systems and without rotating parts. (Trade fair’s Embedded News)

We are proud to announce that ipcas has added at least 2 new products to its portfolio!

LINUX Box LB2 – the intelligent IO Ethernet solution

One of ipcas’ new embedded PC models on display this year is the LINUX Box LB2.

Among its most salient features is its outstanding versatility: Due to numerous integrated interfaces, the LINUX Box LB2 can be used for an astounding number of different applications such as converting, recording, alerting, counting, etc. in a great many of areas:

  • MDA/PDA (machine data acquisition / production data acquisition)
  • Industrial automation
  • Telemetry
  • Interface conversion
  • Building automation
  • Data/Event logger
  • Telecontrol device
  • … and more …

The IO modules can be populated customer-specifically, thus providing you with large scope to develop your own ideas and solutions. Moreover, it is immediately ready to run (no refitting, no installation drivers, and a cinch to configure!) and, what’s more, it’s highly cost-effective!

For details view LINUX Box LB2

Metering.Network – the universal online utility management system


Another new ipcas product highlight is the Metering.Network.

This universal measuring device is ideal for the effective, via Ethernet recording, storage, and visualization of measuring data from electronic S0 supply meters (electric, gas, water, heating, etc. meters) in all areas of industrial, commercial, and private resource consumption.

Locating, compiling, analyzing, and evaluating the sources of consumption – which consumer/device consumes which amount at which times (peak loads) – is a crucial requirement for developing conservation plans or loading schedules. Therefore, thanks to Metering.Network, leading edge supply metering technology can be used to produce systematic cost-saving effects which will reduce your utility bills substantially!

For details view Metering.Network

Introducing the new ipcas weblog

Welcome to Industrial Solutions!

This blog is intended to be used as a platform to present creative IT solutions for industrial, commercial or private household applications.

The idea, moreover, is to allow you to voice your requests for creating, upgrading, and optimizing network systems in your special working environments. We thus hope to more aptly address your individual needs and requirements in your quest to link up conventional devices and systems with intelligent state-of-the-art networking and computer technology.

Whatever your needs may be, intelligent networking and smart interface components help you to coordinate, synchronize, analyze, evaluate, monitor, and remote control your equipment and processes from any location of a given network – and even beyond (thanks to the Internet). The possible functional variations are virtually infinite, the numbers of possible applications are vast, the benefits – astounding, the time and cost saving potentials – overwhelming!

But who are we for you to take our word for it? – ipcas is an IT systems house dedicated to designing attractive, high-performance products and customized IT solutions. Over several decades the company has proven itself as a highly innovative IT service provider on the European and global markets and has distinguished itself by fulfilling all requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.

By orienting ourselves toward the most advanced standards of development, we are able to vouch for the top-notch performance and user-friendliness of our hardware and software products as well as the first-class quality of our IT services. So far our main areas of contribution have been in the fields of automation, automotive engineering, medical systems, telecommunication, power transmission and distribution, and software technology.

In the entries to come we would like to provide you with an idea of the enormous potential benefits you may gain by linking up your equipment into a networked environment – and show you how easy and inexpensive it really is – for example, with the help of Serial-Ethernet Converters.