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Green IT is on the move!

IT’s key opportunities …

Green IT

More and more IT companies are embarking on the trend to achieve best practices with respect to sustainable development and environmental protection these days. Trade fairs and expositions are increasingly latching on to environmental issues with its green IT guide) or even focussing on how to implement sustainable development (e.g. London’s Green IT 08 Conference in 7-8 May). Battelle names Green IT as one of its top 10 green trends until 2020!

… to engineer sustainable

The hazards of toxic wastes immediately spring to mind in this context, but should not obscure our view for the vast opportunities involved in advanced computing, control and networking technologies to actually engineer environmentally compatible and sustainable development (See smart metering below).

In the following I would like to provide a thumbnail sketch of the key role IT is about to play in dealing with environmental issues. In doing so I am going to use ipcas products and developments as illustrative examples. This perspective is also apt to highlight ipcas’s green profile and yet another underlying aspect of the meaning of "Industrial Solutions", namely also to help businesses and companies to meet ecological requirements and enhance their TQM profile.