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Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)

Save costs by increasing transparency!

FAMOUS.Base - Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)

FAMOUS.Base is the MDA/PDA software you can use in combination with the ipcas Ethernet Terminal to record, analyze and evaluate machine data such as:

  • Manufacturing/Production data
  • Work times
  • Downtimes with specification
  • Process/Cycle times
  • Energy consumption (also order-related)

Budget-priced entry to Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)

FAMOUS.Base offers the best way to embark on machine data acquisition for any production plant. In the first step, all you need is the process and cycle times of the machine used to make inferences about machine states. The Ethernet Terminal enables you to record this data and the manually caused downtimes directly and transfer it to the FAMOUS.Base server via Ethernet. Ample reports are then compiled on the continuously recorded machine states and the downtime specification, allowing the operator to perform a large variety of analyses on that basis. The analyses and evaluations made in FAMOUS.Base are all formed from an MS SQL database and are supported by the MS Reporting Service. You can also file an individual fault catalog with detailed downtime specification in FAMOUS.Base for every machine. The central administration in the FAMOUS.Base server helps you to update, change and extend the FAMOUS.Base system with great ease.

Machine Data Acquisition with FAMOUS.Base

Benefits from the proposed MDA / PDA solution

  • Paperless management
  • All reports can be called upon online using the standard WEB browser
  • The progress of an order can always be identified with one glance > leads to more effective delivery time management
  • Human faults are substantially reduced with the help of modern techniques such as barcode or RFID transponder applications
  • In the case of faults or deviations, immediate alerts are generated enabling quick responses > enables considerable damage prevention
  • Process and quality improvements based on regular checkups of recorded data
  • Possible combination with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP system)
  • Process, cycle times, energy consumption and downtime explanations can be recorded directly for each individual machine
  • Work times and order-related information can be identified by the order or product and displayed accordingly at the PDA / MDA terminal

Hardware extensibility

The first two digital inputs on the Ethernet Terminal are reserved for cycle time recording and S0 energy metering. Therefore, two additional digital inputs can be optionally connected, for example, to register reject percentage.
The two digital outputs can be used, for example, to stop a machine during a fault until the operating personnel enters the fault specification at the Ethernet Terminal. Setting an emergency stop function at the machine is also possible.

Machine Data Acquisition with the Ethernet Terminal

Optionally, the recorded machine data can be evaluated on the basis of an SQL database, or transferred into an MS Excel table for further processing, or presented in PDF format. Of course, the data can also be prepared for an import into an existing MES (production control system) or ERP system (to plan company resources).

FAMOUS.Base – Basic solution

FAMOUS.Base is a starter solution with preconfigured default parameters.
If you have the required expertise you can, of course, integrate FAMOUS.Base into your machine/device by yourself. Or else you may ask our qualified personnel for assistance.

Reports aus FAMOUS.Base

FAMOUS.Base - Order progress

Order progress

  • Production data: Work place and order
  • Manufacturing data: Login and logout times, available time, utilization time, downtime duration, power consumption, piece number
FAMOUS.Base - Control Station

Control station (real-time values)

  • Production data: Work place and personnel
  • Manufacturing data: Order run time, machine is / is not running (with specification), last signal, utilization time, piece number, power consumption
FAMOUS.Base - Quantity


  • Order- and workplace-related piece numbers with duration and power consumption
  • Total number of pieces, duration, power consumption of each machine
  • In tables and graphics
FAMOUS.Base - Downtimes

Downtimes – distribution

  • Number and type (specification) of downtimes
  • Duration
  • In tables and graphics
FAMOUS.Base - Current (real-time) cycle times

Current (real-time) cycle times

  • Machine cycle measurements
  • Workplace- and order-related data
  • Calculated average cycle
  • Display of time, duration, and type (specification) of downtimes