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embedded world 2009

Visit us at embedded world 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany.

embedded world 2009 - Mach 3 to 5, 2009 - Hall 12, Stand 555

The embedded world is the leading international exhibition for the embedded community.

Inspired by the excellent results of recent years, we are going to present more innovative solutions in 2009.

embedded world 2008 embedded world 2008: ipcas Printing Solution ipcas at the embedded world 2008 ipcas at the embedded world 2008: Metering.Network
Photos from 2008
FAMOUS.Base With FAMOUS.Base, ipcas offers an integral solution for production (PDA) and machine (MDA) data acquisition and management.

Production data, working hours, process and cycle times as well as energy consumption can thus be efficiently recorded and analyzed.

FAMOUS.Base provides you with a cost-effective first base towards industrial processes monitoring and control. FAMOUS.Base can be combined in a modular fashion with any of our hardware products any time.

We also customize integrated solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Benefit from our 20 years of experience in the embedded field!

With our flexible converters upgrades of your machinery and equipment are hardly ever necessary.

According to our motto “Never change a running system” we prefer low-cost connecting to high-cost retrofitting.

Printing Solution Our Printing Solutions enable paperless logging of print and record data. On request, you may also connect a modern printer with a USB interface to a device with RS232 or Centronics interfaces.
Metering.Network Metering.Network helps you to keep your energy consumption under control. Cost-intensive cabling is no longer necessary, because we use the existing power grid for data communication.
I/O Solution - ipEther232.IO Our I/O solutions, ipEther232.IO and USB I/O, prepare analog and digital data fast and efficiently for further processing.
Ethernet Terminal The Ethernet Terminal adapts to its specific environment like a chameleon. Individual programming with an open XML structure makes it highly flexible. You may use one terminal for all kinds of applications. That means your Ethernet-Terminal can still be used under altered operational conditions. Once used as a PDA terminal it can be easily changed to a MDA or TDC terminal.
Embedded PC Linux Box 1 (LB1) Are you an industrial solutions provider? Then why not try our extremely energy-efficient embedded PC’s. The Linux Box 1 (LB1) is a ready-to-run embedded PC within a rugged aluminum casing that uses only 1,35 W at 100% CPU load.

LB1’s logical follow-up LB3 also provides a convincing choice due to its more powerful processor and its integrated digital I/O interfaces.

PPP Gateway - ipEther232.PPP ipEther232.PPP enables you to quickly and easily connect your PPP-enabled network devices with no Ethernet interfaces to your network. The ipEther232.PPP works like a PPP gateway for all serial RS232 devices. In other words, it is an external network adapter for PPP-enabled devices with serial (RS232) ports.
NTP Time Server - ipNTP ipNTP, the NTP Time Server, always gives you the exact time throughout the whole network.

Needless to say, we also customize solutions to suit your own individual hardware requirements.

Please visit us at embedded world 2009.

We would be more than glad to help you!

Mach 3 to 5, 2009
Hall 12, Stand 555
Trade Fair Center Nuremberg

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