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USB Floppy Emulator: USB Disk Index Selector Tools

Floppy Emulator: USB Disk Index Selector Tool USBSelector-exeThe USB Disk Index Selector tool is a small console application for the USB-Floppyemulator. Simple activities such as switching between virtual disks can be automated.

The driver UFBFfilte.sys can be installed and de-installed with the console application USBSelector.exe, without additional and extensive software. This tool allows you to switch through the index and select/set a floppy disk image for use.

The example script “test.bat” shows how to automatically switch through 10 disk indexes on a USB Device “H” and create a file on each disk.


@echo off

set basePath=%~p0
set usbApp="%basePath%\USBSelector.exe"
set drive=H:

@echo *** Install driver for %drive% ***
%usbApp% -d%drive% -i

@echo *** Create a test file on index 0-9 ***
for %%i IN (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) DO (
	@rem @echo Select index %%i, write file %drive%\00%%i.txt ...
	%usbApp% -d%drive% -n%%i
	@rem @echo errorlevel=%errorlevel%
	if not %errorlevel% NEQ 0 @echo 00%%i > %drive%\00%%i.txt
	rem use the ping command to wait for a little while ...
	ping -n 2 -w 1000 >nul

:do UnInstall
@echo *** uninstall driver ***
%usbApp% -d%drive% -u


Please note:
After switching a little break must be made before switching again.
The number of actual disk indices is not checked.

Supported operating systems: Windows 2000/XP (x86)

Of course, the USB Floppy-Emulator works completely operating system independent when using only one disk image per pen drive.

The USB Disk Index Selector Tool is now available in the support area and on the product page.

USB Floppy Emulator – Neu User Guide

Neu User Guide: USB Floppy EmulatorWe are constantly enhancing and expanding our products.

The new USB Floppy Emulator user guide is available now.
You can download the current version on the product page or from the support area.