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Floppy Emulator V3 Manual and Data Sheet revised / Floppy Emulator Image Tool available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Floppy Emulator V3 Data Sheet / Manual

Data Sheet / Manual

The manual and datasheet of the Floppy Emulator V3 have been improved. Now both are available for download in the support area and on the product page.

FEI-Tool (Floppy Emulator Image Tool)

Floppy Emulator Image Tool for Mac OS X, Linux und Windows

For access to floppy emulator images on PC/Mac, the FEI-Tool is required.

In order to achieve maximum operating system compatibility, now the Floppy Emulator Image Tool (FEI-Tool) is available for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
The console application FEI-Tool allows access to files in a Floppy Emulator Image (FEI) as created or changed by the ipcas Floppy Emulator V3.
The Floppy Emulator V3 itself works operating system independent.
In addition there is a Pre-Formatted 1.44 MB DOS Floppy-Image in the support area.

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