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Graphical user interface for the Floppy Emulator Image Tool – FEI-Tool GUI

Floppy Emulator Image Tool GUIThe ipcas Floppy Emulator V3 operates with file system-independent disk images.
Which file system is contained in the image is practically irrelevant.
The console application FEI-Tool allows the access to files on a ipcas Floppy-Emulator image. The tool is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Handling with console applications allows easy automation of workflows, eg using a batch or shell script.

In daily use, a console application under Windows is not always practical.

Now, there is a graphical user interface for the ipcas Floppy Emulator V3 FEI-Tool. With the program FEI-Tool GUI, the console application FEI-Tool can be used by mouse click.

The FEI-Tool GUI is included in the USB-Stick Software Pack and can be downloaded at product page or in the support area.