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GlobalTime for Android – always the exact GPS time

GPS Time: GlobalTime for AndroidWith Global Time you always have the exact time at hand.

The time is determined via the GPS time signal from the satellites. GPS satellites have an atomic clock and always deliver the correct time. Unlike the time signal transmitter DCF77 reception is not limited to Central Europe; GPS is available worldwide.
No network connection required to determine the time. That makes Global Time the ideal travel companion and saves high mobile network costs abroad if you do not have an unlimited data plan.

With ipcas always the exact time, on the go with Global Time for Android and for your network with the GPS Time Server ipNTP.

GPS Time Server ipNTP
With ipNTP you can synchronize your computer systems, and network attached devices with the time signal of the global satellite navigation system (GPS).

The Android application Global Time is now available on the Android Market (free of charge).
GlobalTime is available in Android Marketipcas global Time - Android Market QR Code

Global Time Screenshots
ipcas Global Time ScreenShot: Searching for GPS …ipcas Global Time ScreenShot: Received GPS signalipcas Global Time ScreenShot: GPS is disabled