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Floppy Emulator – USB Floppy Disk Drive Replacement

Floppy-Emulator SlimlineThe new SlimLine Floppy Emulator has arrived!

We have developed a flat version of the USB Floppy Emulator, based on the Floppy Emulator V2.
The drive is connected via a 26-pin flat ribbon cable to the floppy disk controller of the machine, system or instrument.
The flat design allows a direct replacement of a conventional 3.5" slimline floppy disk drive with the Floppy Emulator SlimLine from ipcas.
Flat floppy disk drives were installed not just in laptops; they were used especially in compact industrial controllers, sophisticated measuring instruments and in musical instruments.

A Floppy Disk Drive Emulator from ipcas is always the right choice!

Whether you want to replace, an HD or DD, a 3½" – or 5¼" drive or a slimline drive, we have the right emulator for you.

USB Floppy Emulator V2 – The all-rounder

USB Floppy Emulator V2

Up to 100 floppy disks can be stored on a single USB pen drive. They can be accessed via the selection button of the emulator.
The 3.5" sized emulator supports all popular FAT12 file system formats with a sector size of 512 bytes / sector, and is compatible with

  • 3.5" – 1,44MB: 80 tracks / 18 sectors
  • 5.25" – 1,2MB: 80 tracks / 15 sectors
  • 3.5" – 720kB: 80 tracks / 9 sectors

Floppy-Emulator SlimLine – The flat version

Floppy Emulator SlimLine

The flat SlimLine Floppy Emulator is connected via a 26-pin ribbon cable, a usual with slimline disk drives.
The technical compatibility corresponds to the USB Foppy Emulator V2.

USB Floppy Emulator V3 – The individualist

USB Floppy Emulator V3

This emulator supports almost all disk formats.
Unlike the V2 or the SlimLine version the file system interpretation is not performed by the emulator. The (virtual) disks are stored on a USB pen drive as images and are loaded to the emulator when in use.
This disk format independence allows the use of the USB Floppy Emulator V3 particularly well everywhere where special formats or non-standard formats are used.
In addition, the main hardware features of the emulator can be set totally jumper-free.
These include the transfer rate, the rotation speed, selection of the drive-select pin and many more.

There are very varied areas of application for a floppy disk drive emulator.

Still, many systems and machines use old floppy disk drives, here is a small selection:

  • embroidery machines
  • power looms
  • programmable sewing machines
  • portable level recorder
  • CNC machines
  • embedded controller
  • VMEbus cards
  • PMC modules
  • robot controllers
  • oscilloscopes
  • industrial controllers
  • games consoles
  • electronic musical instruments

All of these plants, machinery and instruments can be operated with a future-proof USB Floppy Emulator from ipcas.

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