15% off for all USB-Floppy-Emulators

You receive 15% discount on all USB floppy emulators with your first order via fax or email

Do you ask yourself the question how you can get for your old or used machines an additional benefit and how you can upgrade this efficiently? Many machines and devices are still using floppy disk drives as the only means of data input. CNC, milling, injection mold, or embroidery machines, laser cutting devices and integrated control systems, just to mention a few, are still being fed data with floppy disks several times a day. But what do to, if the production of conventional floppy disks is discontinued?

15% discount on all USB floppy emulators with your first order via fax or email - only for new customers

Swap your legacy diskette drive with the new USB Floppy Emulator „brand ipcas“. The old floppy disk drive is replaced 1:1. The connection is identical, it produces virtually no downtime and there are no further changes have to be made.

The USB floppy drive breathes new life into your system!:

  • You’ll be storing up to 100 floppies on one single USB memory stick!
  • You’ll be using your data on a truly reliable data carrier with a high-capacity and long-term-secure data carrier!

And, you save your customer an additional benefit of there used machines. Well-known companies such ENGEL, KUKA, Bosch and Siemens are already using our solution. Always be one step ahead of your competitors and receive 15% discounting on our list price of EUR 249.00 net on all USB floppy emulators by first order. This promotion is valid until October 13, 2013 and only for new customers on first order via fax or email.

Have we sparked your interest? You can find further information on our USB floppy emulators on our homepage under: http://ipcas.com/floppy-emulator. Please send us a fax to +49 (0)9131/ 767778 or an Email to “dr-de-erl-info@datarespons.com” if you are interested. Our Team from our branch office in Erlangen is looking forward to hearing from you!
Please do not forget to refer to this offer in order to obtain the discount.

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