The right Floppy-Emulator for your machine

We have the right Floppy-Emulator for your machine or system.

There are still many systems, machines and devices in use with a floppy disk as storage and i/o medium.

The range of machines and systems with a floppy drive is enormous; these includes robot controls, sewing machines, embroidery machines, CNC controls, EDM machines, but also oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and screenloggers. Even many music keyboards and computer systems such as the Amiga 500 were shipped with a floppy disk drive as primary storage device, in this days.

Floppy-Emulator - Machine reference list

Often floppy disk drives are as different as the machines and controls in which they are mounted.

With our floppy disk drive emulators we provide maximum compatibility. Simple replace your old floppy drive with a modern ipcas Floppy-Emulator that uses USB storage media instead of floppy disks.

Not every floppy emulator is suitable as a replacement for any floppy drive. The Machine reference list helps you to choose the right Floppy-Emulator.
If your machine or system is not listed in the compatibility list, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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