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USB Input with extended temperature range

USB Input Device with extended
temperature range from -40 to +70 °C

We have improved the USB Input Device.
The supported temperature range is now -40° to +70° Celsius.
The USB input device works even under extreme conditions in this extended temperature range.

USB Input Device with extended temperature range -40 to +70 °C

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Embedded World 2010
Thank you very much for your visit!


We would like to thank all visitors cordially who came to our booth at the Embedded World 2010 Trade Fair in Nuremberg.

We are happy you got the opportunity to contact us personally to have a first-hand look at our new innovative products.

All our products are uniquely convincing by virtue of their extraordinary versatility, compact rugged design, high functionality and easy integration.

Please contact us to get more information on our products and customized hardware and software development.

We will meet your challenges and would be glad to implement your projects to your best advantage.

View photos of the ipcas booth at “Embedded World”:

Messezentrum Nürnberg Messezentrum Nürnberg Messezentrum Nürnberg Messezentrum Nürnberg

More photos are available on flickr.

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USB Input Device – USB I/O

The USB Input Device (USB I/O) provides universal interfaces for recording digital input signals directly (and analog signals via converter)
through the USB connection of a PC or embedded system. The device has been uniquely designed for industrial deployment, and is
especially suitable for data acquisition, assessment of control signals as well as for post-processing of S0 signals, for example,
from thermistors, water meters and kilowatt-hour power meters.

Equipped with 6 digital ports (24 V DC) and 6 thermistor inputs (for DS18S20) via one-wire bus, it can be used to record any
kind of input values. Bit patterns, counted measurands, and events are relayed directly via USB interfaces to a server where they
can be visualized, evaluated and processed.

The voltage supply for the USB Input Device is provided via USB. Sensors, thermistors and clocks are attached with spring clips.
With these properties and its compact design the USB Input Device is your ideal companion also suitable for mobile deployment.
The intuitive and easily understandable configuration software allows you to adjust the settings of the various ports
(e.g., S0 interval, temperature measurements, etc.) to suit your individual requirements.

The USB input device as metering solution for on the S0 interface of kilowatt-hour-meters.

USB-IO Metering Solution USB Input Device IO2USB
Metering: S0-Input over USB S0 kilowatt-hour-meters data analysis
Photos: Taken at the Embedded World 2010


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Or please contact us.

Visit us at embedded world 2010

embedded-world-2010-stand-555-hall-12We will be more than glad to support you with first-hand information on our highly innovative Hardware and Software products and concepts.

We would be happy to see you and give you a live display of our produce from March 2 to 4, 2010 at Stand 555 in Hall 12 in the Nuremberg Trade Fair Center.



Some pictures from our last year’s exhibition stand:

ipcas - embedded world 2009ipcas - embedded world 2009ipcas - embedded world 2009ipcas - embedded world 2009: Famousipcas - embedded world 2009: Metering.Networkipcas - embedded world 2009: USB Floppy Emulatoripcas - embedded world 2009ipcas - embedded world 2009ipcas - embedded world 2009: Centronics USB Converteripcas - embedded world 2009: Ethernet-Terminalipcas - embedded world 2009ipcas - embedded world 2009: Productsipcas - embedded world 2009: Printing-Solutionipcas - embedded world 2009: Printing-Solutionipcas - embedded world 2009: Printing-Solution

embedded world 2009

Visit us at embedded world 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany.

embedded world 2009 - Mach 3 to 5, 2009 - Hall 12, Stand 555

The embedded world is the leading international exhibition for the embedded community.

Inspired by the excellent results of recent years, we are going to present more innovative solutions in 2009.

embedded world 2008 embedded world 2008: ipcas Printing Solution ipcas at the embedded world 2008 ipcas at the embedded world 2008: Metering.Network
Photos from 2008
FAMOUS.Base With FAMOUS.Base, ipcas offers an integral solution for production (PDA) and machine (MDA) data acquisition and management.

Production data, working hours, process and cycle times as well as energy consumption can thus be efficiently recorded and analyzed.

FAMOUS.Base provides you with a cost-effective first base towards industrial processes monitoring and control. FAMOUS.Base can be combined in a modular fashion with any of our hardware products any time.

We also customize integrated solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Benefit from our 20 years of experience in the embedded field!

With our flexible converters upgrades of your machinery and equipment are hardly ever necessary.

According to our motto “Never change a running system” we prefer low-cost connecting to high-cost retrofitting.

Printing Solution Our Printing Solutions enable paperless logging of print and record data. On request, you may also connect a modern printer with a USB interface to a device with RS232 or Centronics interfaces.
Metering.Network Metering.Network helps you to keep your energy consumption under control. Cost-intensive cabling is no longer necessary, because we use the existing power grid for data communication.
I/O Solution - ipEther232.IO Our I/O solutions, ipEther232.IO and USB I/O, prepare analog and digital data fast and efficiently for further processing.
Ethernet Terminal The Ethernet Terminal adapts to its specific environment like a chameleon. Individual programming with an open XML structure makes it highly flexible. You may use one terminal for all kinds of applications. That means your Ethernet-Terminal can still be used under altered operational conditions. Once used as a PDA terminal it can be easily changed to a MDA or TDC terminal.
Embedded PC Linux Box 1 (LB1) Are you an industrial solutions provider? Then why not try our extremely energy-efficient embedded PC’s. The Linux Box 1 (LB1) is a ready-to-run embedded PC within a rugged aluminum casing that uses only 1,35 W at 100% CPU load.

LB1’s logical follow-up LB3 also provides a convincing choice due to its more powerful processor and its integrated digital I/O interfaces.

PPP Gateway - ipEther232.PPP ipEther232.PPP enables you to quickly and easily connect your PPP-enabled network devices with no Ethernet interfaces to your network. The ipEther232.PPP works like a PPP gateway for all serial RS232 devices. In other words, it is an external network adapter for PPP-enabled devices with serial (RS232) ports.
NTP Time Server - ipNTP ipNTP, the NTP Time Server, always gives you the exact time throughout the whole network.

Needless to say, we also customize solutions to suit your own individual hardware requirements.

Please visit us at embedded world 2009.

We would be more than glad to help you!

Mach 3 to 5, 2009
Hall 12, Stand 555
Trade Fair Center Nuremberg

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Phone: +49 (0)9131/ 7677-100
Fax: +49 (0)9131/ 7677-78

Online machine metering aids price calculation

Single-machine solution

Ethernet Terminal
As mentioned some time ago (refer to "Smart Metering" in Green IT …), Metering.Network is used comprehensively to record the overall energy consumption of a given plant from within the switching cabinet. However, if you want to put your focus on the complex behavior of a single machine, then the versatile Ethernet Terminal I am about to introduce is the right device for you. It can be applied directly to an S0 supply meter of any machine on the factory floor and does not only monitor machine energy consumption, but also enables you, above all, to correlate machine energy consumption with PDA (Production Data Acquisition) and MDA (Machine Data Acquisition) data. In the following I would like to highlight just one of a whole range of possible applications this amazing tool has.

Rising energy costs

In times of skyrocketing energy prices rising by 20 to 30 to 50% and more … energy is becoming one of the most salient cost factors to dictate the prices of machine-manufactured goods and thus to redefine the profitability margin of production processes, methods or individual machines. Above all, one question looms up in the minds of production, project, and sales managers alike: How much does it cost to produce a specified article? How much do I have to add to the price to compensate for the rising energy costs? How, where and when can I save energy on the machines to profitably maintain a given price level?

Correlation with PDA data

This, of course, can only be answered by measuring the power consumption of a given machine (or a number of machines of a production line) and correlating it with the PDA (Production Data Acquisition) data, especially with regard to piece numbers per batch/shift/order, etc. But how? Manually? By individual readings?

Monitoring energy costs online

To reach the level of transparency and flexibility you need in order to adapt to the unpredictably rising energy costs, a more systematic, continuous, and automated online approach is required, especially wherever large-scale production lines with a great number of manufacturing procedures and steps are involved.


The Ethernet Terminal is just the device you need to do the job efficiently with low costs and incredibly high returns. All you have to do is attach the Ethernet Terminal to an S0 supply meter on the machine or device you want to monitor and connect it to a PC/terminal via Ethernet. This enables you to record and monitor order-specific energy utility consumption data, evaluate it statistically with the ipcas software "FAMOUS Base" and relay the respective data to your PC/terminal for further analysis and correlation with piece-, batch-, line- and shift-specific PDA data.

Ethernet Terminal / Smart Metering

For each application – the right solution

Get the aid you need to adapt your price calculation to a fast changing world of rising utility prices and global environmental pressures! If you want to be able to calculate energy consumption as a variable price determining parameter automatically as an integral part of your online accounting system, then the Ethernet Terminal is the right device for you. For more specifics please visit the Ethernet Terminal website.

Alternatively, if your focus is primarily on how to reduce energy consumption – whether comprehensively on a factory level or in-depth on a machine level – without necessarily wanting to link this information to any other acquisition data, then the Metering.Network is the right solution for you. In that case, supply yourself with the smart metering tool you need to pinpoint peak loads and high consumption areas at the individual machine and production line level. Put yourself in the position to proactively eliminate power hogs in your production lines! For more specifics please visit the Metering.Networkwebsite.

Whatever your case may be, the ipcas hardware and software portfolio is able to provide you with an incredible range of applications and industrial solutions some of which I have already presented and many more are to come … By the way in case I haven’t mentioned it yet, the ipcas system house also specializes in customizing and made-to-order projects!

Green IT is on the move!

IT’s key opportunities …

Green IT

More and more IT companies are embarking on the trend to achieve best practices with respect to sustainable development and environmental protection these days. Trade fairs and expositions are increasingly latching on to environmental issues with its green IT guide) or even focussing on how to implement sustainable development (e.g. London’s Green IT 08 Conference in 7-8 May). Battelle names Green IT as one of its top 10 green trends until 2020!

… to engineer sustainable

The hazards of toxic wastes immediately spring to mind in this context, but should not obscure our view for the vast opportunities involved in advanced computing, control and networking technologies to actually engineer environmentally compatible and sustainable development (See smart metering below).

In the following I would like to provide a thumbnail sketch of the key role IT is about to play in dealing with environmental issues. In doing so I am going to use ipcas products and developments as illustrative examples. This perspective is also apt to highlight ipcas’s green profile and yet another underlying aspect of the meaning of "Industrial Solutions", namely also to help businesses and companies to meet ecological requirements and enhance their TQM profile.