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Centronics to USB Printer Converter

In our last Industrial Solutions entry (Refer to "Old interfaces …")we tried to show you how convenient it is to connect your old serial interfaces to modern printing technology with the RS232 to USB Converter, enabling you not only to link up and print but also to network your log data.

Centronics to USB Printer Converter

But what if you have or need parallel interfaces to be linked up?
Well, fortunately we’ve got good news for you!
The ipcas Centronics – USB Printer Converter does just the job allowing you to connect your legacy parallel interface equipment to modern USB printers.
Here are some of the advantages of the Centronics – Printer USB Converter:

  • Supports virtually unlimited selection of USB printers, graphics, formats, etc.
  • No machine/interface refitting!
  • No time-consuming installation drivers required!
  • Easy to configure – no IT expertise required!
  • Dynamic data buffer memory – no more data loss!
  • USB Stick to configure, retrieve and/or output log data on your office PC!
  • Optimized printing process helps you save paper!
  • LAN 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface enables network access to print data!

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Centronics – USB Converter