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USB Floppy Format Tool for Windows 7 32/64Bit

USB Floppy Format Tool for the Foppy-Emulator V2The ipcas Floppy-Emulator V2 supports up to 100 disks per USB pen drive. The (virtual) floppy disks can be easily selected via the up-/down-buttons of the emulator, and the LED display shows which disc is currently loaded. If you want to use up to 100 floppy disks per pen drive, the USB pen must be formatted specifically. The formatting can be done with the "USB Floppy Format Tool". If only one floppy disk per USB pen should be used, no software is required.

Now the new "USB Floppy Format Tool for the Floppy Emulator V2" is also suitable for the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7, 32-/64-Bit
  • Windows Vista, 32-/64-Bit
  • Windows Server 2008, 32-/64-Bit
  • Windows Server 2003, 32-/64-Bit

The "USB Floppy Format Tool" in Version 1.31t is now available for download at the support area and on the product page. A revised manual is included in the package.

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Floppy Emulator – USB Pen Drive as Floppy Disk

Comparison of the ipcas floppy emulator with 3.5 inch and 5 1/4 inch floppy drives.


Demonstration of the Floppy Emulator: A USB Pen Drive in use as floppy disk or up to 100 floppy disks in one USB Pen Drive.

USB Floppy Emulator

ipcas - USB Floppy Emulator

No more floppy disks!

Many machines and devices are still using floppy disk drives as the only means of data input.
CNC, milling, injection mold, or embroidery machines, laser cutting devices and integrated control systems, just to mention a few,
are still being fed data with floppy disks several times a day.

Swap your legacy floppy diskette drive for the new USB floppy emulator!
From now on use reliable USB pen drives instead of vulnerable diskettes!

Good news for you:
You won’t ever need floppies anymore and yet you’ll be able to secure a guaranteed long-term future for your machines and systems.

Photos: Taken at the Embedded World 2010
Floppy Emulator, USB Floppyemulator

Further information on the Floppy Emulator product page.
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Price Reduction – USB floppy emulator

USB Floppy Emulator - Lowered Prices

Due to the substantial rise in demand we were able to increase our output and, consequently, lower production costs for our USB-Floppy Emulator. Naturally, we would like to share our success with our customers by lowering its price.

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