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Floppy Emulator – USB Pen Drive as Floppy Disk

Comparison of the ipcas floppy emulator with 3.5 inch and 5 1/4 inch floppy drives.


Demonstration of the Floppy Emulator: A USB Pen Drive in use as floppy disk or up to 100 floppy disks in one USB Pen Drive.

Sony phases out floppies

Where’s the replacement?

On Saturday (April 24) the Japanese Newspaper Mainichi Daily News reported that Sony would stop its production of 3.5 inch diskettes (Floppy Disks) by the end of its current business year in March, 2011. The report spread like a wildfire in the media and particularly throughout the web. (Refer to reports in the portals of cnet and BBC.)

Floppy disks and floppy disk drive

Sony released its first 3.5″ floppy disk in 1981 (in those days with only 720 KB memory space). The gradual decline of the 30-year old data carrier had already begun several years ago. The respective disk drives have practically disappeared from current PCs.

But what is going to happen to all the old machines, systems, measurement devices, electronic musical instruments and similar devices? This haunting question is recently being heatedly discussed in a lot of forums and blogs.

Diskettes are still being used as the main removable memory carriers, especially in the industrial production sectors, but also in many smaller facilities such as robot controls and lab instruments. In many cases this is not even due to aging machines, but actually because manufacturers want to keep their systems supplied with the proven, stable, and compatible disk drives.

Floppy Emulator / Floppy disk drive replacementWe are offering a most practical and cost-effective way out of this dilemma – the ipcas Floppy Emulator! It provides you with a brilliant alternative if you want to keep your old systems up to date.

All you have to do is replace the legacy disk drive in your system with the ipcas Floppy Emulator and you can then simply use an USB pen drive to replace your old floppies.

What experiences have you made in recent years with floppies and old disk drives? Just tell us where you are still using floppies or cannot do without the old floppy disk drives. Please consult us – no strings attached. We’ll be sure to find the best solution to suit your individual requirements.

USB Floppy Emulator

ipcas - USB Floppy Emulator

No more floppy disks!

Many machines and devices are still using floppy disk drives as the only means of data input.
CNC, milling, injection mold, or embroidery machines, laser cutting devices and integrated control systems, just to mention a few,
are still being fed data with floppy disks several times a day.

Swap your legacy floppy diskette drive for the new USB floppy emulator!
From now on use reliable USB pen drives instead of vulnerable diskettes!

Good news for you:
You won’t ever need floppies anymore and yet you’ll be able to secure a guaranteed long-term future for your machines and systems.

Photos: Taken at the Embedded World 2010
Floppy Emulator, USB Floppyemulator

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