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15% off for all USB-Floppy-Emulators

You receive 15% discount on all USB floppy emulators with your first order via fax or email

Do you ask yourself the question how you can get for your old or used machines an additional benefit and how you can upgrade this efficiently? Many machines and devices are still using floppy disk drives as the only means of data input. CNC, milling, injection mold, or embroidery machines, laser cutting devices and integrated control systems, just to mention a few, are still being fed data with floppy disks several times a day. But what do to, if the production of conventional floppy disks is discontinued?

15% discount on all USB floppy emulators with your first order via fax or email - only for new customers

Swap your legacy diskette drive with the new USB Floppy Emulator „brand ipcas“. The old floppy disk drive is replaced 1:1. The connection is identical, it produces virtually no downtime and there are no further changes have to be made.

The USB floppy drive breathes new life into your system!:

  • You’ll be storing up to 100 floppies on one single USB memory stick!
  • You’ll be using your data on a truly reliable data carrier with a high-capacity and long-term-secure data carrier!

And, you save your customer an additional benefit of there used machines. Well-known companies such ENGEL, KUKA, Bosch and Siemens are already using our solution. Always be one step ahead of your competitors and receive 15% discounting on our list price of EUR 249.00 net on all USB floppy emulators by first order. This promotion is valid until October 13, 2013 and only for new customers on first order via fax or email.

Have we sparked your interest? You can find further information on our USB floppy emulators on our homepage under: Please send us a fax to +49 (0)9131/ 767778 or an Email to “” if you are interested. Our Team from our branch office in Erlangen is looking forward to hearing from you!
Please do not forget to refer to this offer in order to obtain the discount.

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Oscilloscope – USB Floppy-Emulator SlimLine

The Tektronix TDS 3054 oscilloscope is a very high-end and high quality device.
Unfortunately, the screenshots of the current values are stored on floppy disk.

In modern times, this inevitably raises the following questions:

  • Where can I get new floppy disks?
  • Where can I get a replacement if the floppy disk drive is damaged?
  • How can I transfer the data from the floppy disk to my PC or laptop (new PCs often have no floppy disk drive anymore)?
  • The solution is simple:

    USB-Floppy-Emulator SlimLine - Oscilloscope Tektronix TDS3054USB stick replacement for TEAC FD04HF 2300-U FDDOscilloscope - USB-Floppy-Emulator-SlimLineTektronix TDS-3054 oscilloscope with USB Floppy Emulator

    Replace the floppy disk drive (TEAC FD04HF 2300-U) of your Tektronix TDS 3054 oscilloscope with our USB Floppy Emulator SlimLine.

    The USB Floppy Emulator SlimLine is a modern and future-proof solution.

    • Screenshots are stored on USB sticks; these are readable on a PC without a floppy drive.
    • The USB Floppy Emulator has no moving or rotating parts that can wear out.

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KETRON SD 5 Keyboard: Floppy Disk Drive retrofitting – USB Floppy Emulator

Guest Post from a satisfied customer of Southern Germany:
(Translated, original post in german language >>)

Floppy Disk Drive retrofitting:
USB Floppy Emulator for KETRON SD 5

In older keyboards – e.g. in my KETRON SD 5, the input device is a floppy drive und the internal RAM memory is supplied with information by a floppy disk.
I would never replace my KETRON SD 5 with a modern keyboard however; the reason is the good quality.

KETRON SD 5 with USB-Floppy-Emulator

With the IPCAS USB floppy emulator for USB pen drives, the known disadvantages …

  • Sensitive to mechanical wear and tear
  • Problems with dust, oil and other adverse environmental conditions
  • Malfunction due to permanent mechanical load
  • Low memory capacity

… of conventional floppy disks, which anyway are hardly to buy, can be totally attributed to the past.

Most salient features:

  • The old floppy disk drive is replaced 1:1. The connections are identical, so no further changes have to be made.
  • The USB Stick at the USB Floppy Emulator replaces the old diskette entirely. USB memory components have long life spans and high capacities.
  • The new USB floppy drives and USB memory components are practically immune to impacts from magnetic fields, dust or shock.
  • The contents on 100 floppies can easily be placed on one single USB Stick. That saves a lot of time and costs!

To replace the equipment I’m proceeds as follows:

USB Floppyemulator - Ketron SD-5 Floppy Disk Drive Data Cable Connection to the Floppy-Disk-Controller
  1. Opening the keyboard (screws located on the bottom)
  2. Slide back the panel of the keyboard
  3. Removal of the floppy disk drive (FDD)
  4. Detach of the data cable from the floppy drive controller
  5. Inserting a floppy controller computer cable to the floppy connector
  6. Connect this cable and the power supply cable (4-pin.) to the emulator.

Now the keyboard will switch on and the floppy drive (with inserted USB flash drive) are energize and the keyboard reports: not formatted.
After that, the format command must be executed according to the display information.
Then the emulator should set to 01 (with the Up button). The UP switching and formatting and will resist until 99.

Floppy-Emulator: Keyboard KETRON SD 5 during operation Keyboard - Floppy Emulator - USB

If the formatting performs, you play the songs on the respective place (00-99), then – start playing – as usual.
When the formatting is completed, copy the songs on the respective place (00-99). Afterwards, as usual, start the playback.

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ipcas FloppyEmulator V3: completely jumper-less configuration / parameter settings without jumpers – Video

The ipcas FloppyEmulator V3 supports nearly all disk formats. Also special Formats like CP/M, DEC Rainbow, extended DOS or Stäubli JC3/4/5 are supported.
The parameterization and configuration is complete without jumper.

More information about the FloppyEmulator V3 >>

FloppyEmulator: USB Disk Format Tool – console application

The "USB Disk Format Tool" is a small console application to format a USB flash drive for use with the Floppyemulator.

The USB Disk Format Tool is now available for download in the support area and on the product page.

Supported operating systems: Windows 2000/XP (x86)

Using the USB Disk Format Tool and the USB Disk Index Selector together (for example in a batch script), a variety of actions can be automated.

  • automated formatting
  • automated switching
  • automated selection

Of course, the USB Floppy-Emulator works completely operating system independent when using only one disk image per USB flash drive.

If you are only looking for a comfortable USB-Flash-Drive disk images format tool, you can use the "USB floppy format tool for Windows" (also available in the support area).

USB Floppy Emulator: USB Disk Index Selector Tools

Floppy Emulator: USB Disk Index Selector Tool USBSelector-exeThe USB Disk Index Selector tool is a small console application for the USB-Floppyemulator. Simple activities such as switching between virtual disks can be automated.

The driver UFBFfilte.sys can be installed and de-installed with the console application USBSelector.exe, without additional and extensive software. This tool allows you to switch through the index and select/set a floppy disk image for use.

The example script “test.bat” shows how to automatically switch through 10 disk indexes on a USB Device “H” and create a file on each disk.


@echo off

set basePath=%~p0
set usbApp="%basePath%\USBSelector.exe"
set drive=H:

@echo *** Install driver for %drive% ***
%usbApp% -d%drive% -i

@echo *** Create a test file on index 0-9 ***
for %%i IN (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) DO (
	@rem @echo Select index %%i, write file %drive%\00%%i.txt ...
	%usbApp% -d%drive% -n%%i
	@rem @echo errorlevel=%errorlevel%
	if not %errorlevel% NEQ 0 @echo 00%%i > %drive%\00%%i.txt
	rem use the ping command to wait for a little while ...
	ping -n 2 -w 1000 >nul

:do UnInstall
@echo *** uninstall driver ***
%usbApp% -d%drive% -u


Please note:
After switching a little break must be made before switching again.
The number of actual disk indices is not checked.

Supported operating systems: Windows 2000/XP (x86)

Of course, the USB Floppy-Emulator works completely operating system independent when using only one disk image per pen drive.

The USB Disk Index Selector Tool is now available in the support area and on the product page.

Floppy Emulator – USB Pen Drive as Floppy Disk

Comparison of the ipcas floppy emulator with 3.5 inch and 5 1/4 inch floppy drives.


Demonstration of the Floppy Emulator: A USB Pen Drive in use as floppy disk or up to 100 floppy disks in one USB Pen Drive.