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Floppy Emulator V3 Manual and Data Sheet revised / Floppy Emulator Image Tool available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Floppy Emulator V3 Data Sheet / Manual

Data Sheet / Manual

The manual and datasheet of the Floppy Emulator V3 have been improved. Now both are available for download in the support area and on the product page.

FEI-Tool (Floppy Emulator Image Tool)

Floppy Emulator Image Tool for Mac OS X, Linux und Windows

For access to floppy emulator images on PC/Mac, the FEI-Tool is required.

In order to achieve maximum operating system compatibility, now the Floppy Emulator Image Tool (FEI-Tool) is available for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
The console application FEI-Tool allows access to files in a Floppy Emulator Image (FEI) as created or changed by the ipcas Floppy Emulator V3.
The Floppy Emulator V3 itself works operating system independent.
In addition there is a Pre-Formatted 1.44 MB DOS Floppy-Image in the support area.

Floppy Emulator V3 product page >>
Floppy Emulator V3 – Support and Downlaod area >>

LINUX Box LB3 – Intelligent IO Ethernet Solution

One device – Numerous possibilities, Embedded System
with digital and analog IO’s.

The LINUX Box LB3 is a full-fledged industrial PC with a pre-installed Linux operating system and a DIN rail case mounting design.
The LB3 has been specially conceived for installation in switching cabinets of machines, plants, and buildings. Windows CE or Free
Dos can also be used as alternatives to the Linux operating system. In its basic version the LB3 is equipped with 128MB RAM and
an additional 128MB ROM (CompactFlash) which can be optionally expanded. Due to its numerous integrated interfaces such as USB,
Ethernet, serial/parallel interfaces or the digital IO´s and the possibility to extend IO’s with an IO Extension Box, the LB3’s
function range covers most of the applications frequently requested by customers. Among them are notable applications such as:

  • Telecontrol devices (RTU’s / Remote Terminal Units)
  • Log converters
  • Offline / Online – data loggers
  • Offline / Online – event loggers
  • Property management systems
  • Network routers
  • Platform for individual solutions
  • customer-specific implementation

Speacial feature: Extended temperature range from -40° to +70° Celsius.

ipcas LINUX Box LB3

LINUX Box LB3 with digital I/O

Take the chance to see the Linux Box LB3 live at the Embedded World until Thursday.
Visit us at Hall 12, Stand 555.