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New software version 1.03 for the USB-Copy-Station

The improved USB-Copy-Station software is now available for download.

USB-Copy-Station Software - OptionsUSB-Copy-Station Software V 1.03

New software and manual for the USB-Copy-Station

New software and manual for the USB-Copy-Station
The new software and a new manual for the USB-Copy-Station are now available for download at the support area or on the product page.

USB-Copy-Station for copying up to 16 USB flash drives at the same time

USB copy system / USB-Copy-StationThe ipcas USB-Copy-Station is a professional copy system for copying USB flash drives and other USB storage media. Up to 16 USB flash drives can be copied at once.
In the user interface (English / German) that is easy to operate, the user can choose between different copy modes for the copy process.
Beside the preset mode (1 source flash drives and up to 15 target flash drives) an image of the source can be made which can be copied to up to 16 USB flash drives as often as necessary.
The arrangement of flash drives can be neglected. As long as the memory capacity of the target USB flash drives is bigger than or as big as the volume of the source USB storage media, the memory size of the target flash drives can be overlooked. The targets may have different memory sizes.
The copy process will be verified and if an error appears during the copying, the affected flash drives will be displayed in the software; the copy process will not be cancelled. If a target USB flash drive was defect, all other 15 flash drives would have been copied successfully in the copy process. It saves a lot of time.
Additionally the user can choose between two copy processes. Either the whole USB flash drive is copied or only the data on the USB flash drive is copied (the latter is recommendable for little amount of data).

USB-Copy-Station: Connection a second power supply for USB flash drives with high power consumptionFree choice of USB slots and enough space for USB sticks in special formats - USB Copy StationCopy system for up to 16 USB flash drives at the same timeFast copying of USB mass storage

The great gaps between the slots enable copying USB flash drives with unusual figures en masse. USB ports in stock copy stations often lie to close together for USB flash drives that are minimally bigger than regular flash drives. Due to the generously measured gaps between the slots every slot can be used with the ipcas USB-Copy-Station.
USB storage media which need a lot more power consumption can be copied without any problems. If the power demand may not be enough to provide 16 storage media simultaneously (e.g. hard drive without external power supply) a second power adapter can optionally be used.
The copy process and individual status messages for every single USB flash drive can be traced with the included software.
Not only the data on the flash drive can be copied but also the whole USB flash drives can optionally be copied on a sector level, due to this it is even possible to copy special formats the PC itself cannot read. A good example for that are USB flash drives for floppy disk emulators (e.g. the ipcas USB Floppy-Emulator V2). Such emulators are mainly used in an industrial environment and the machines in which these emulators replace the respective floppy disk drive often write their data in formats normal PCs cannot read.

Overview of the advantages:

  • Professional copy system for replicating data form USB flash drives and other USB storage media
  • Verification of the copied data (can be switched off to increase copy speed)
  • Clear and easily to use software interface
  • The USB copy station is qualified for USB mass storage devices with a high power consumption
  • Images can be created for repeating copy processes

Fields of application:

  • Duplication of training materials and handouts
  • Test environments with rapidly changing configurations
  • Drivers and software in low-volume batch production
  • Promotion documents and information on or as a gift at fairs

The applications are very multifarious

Please do not hesitate to contact us and order one of the first USB-Copy-Stations.

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