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USB Input Device – now available with DIN rail clamp

The USB Input Device is now also available with DIN rail clamp.

USB-Input-Device with DIN-rail-clamp

The small-sized device with its extended temperature range (-40° to +70° Celsius) and simple DIN rail mounting application enables flexible use in practically any location.

The USB Input Device has been specially designed for industrial use and is ideally suitable for the data acquisition and evaluation of digital input signals. Besides, temperature sensors and meters with S0 interfaces (e.g. utility meters for power, gas, and water) can be immediately connected.

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ipcas hardware solutions at Embedded World

Today and tomorrow, we would be happy to see you and give you a live display of our produce. Visit us at embedded world 2011, Stand 129 in Hall 9 in the Nuremberg Trade Fair Center (Nürnberg Messe).

Summary of our product range:

Embedded Systems / Industrial PC LB3

Ethernet and USB I/O Extension

USB-Input-Device with temperature sensor

Floppy Disk Drive (FDD) Emulators

USB Input Device: New firmware software

USB Input Device: New firmware and software
We have improved the USB-Input-Device software and firmware.

The most significant innovations are the commands get pattern and set counter.

Retrieves the digital input state as pattern with Get pattern. The current input state must have not changed.
Set counter allows to set the counter to a desired value. Counting starts from this value.

Both functions can be used as a direct command or with the new configuration tools.

In addition, other innovations have been introduced. Here is a short list:

Log Communication

Log Communication

Customized item logging into a file LogFile.txt (Log to File) is possible, now.

Get Pattern / Event Filter

Get Pattern / Event Filter

With Get Pattern the pattern status for all digital inputs can be retrieved manually.
In addition, with "Event Filter" update messages of individual digital inputs can be specifically excluded.



The state of a digital input can be requested specifically with the buttons GetStateBit0 … GetStateBit5.

Set Counter

Set Counter

With "Set to Counter", the counter can be set to a desired value.

Temperatures Start/Stop

Temperatures Start/Stop

Interrupt the cyclic transmission of a temperature value with the Stop button. With the Start button the temperature value is again transferring cyclically.
For example, if the transmission cycle is 10 minutes and only one minute of the cycle has passed, click start/stop and do not wait nine minutes to get a new temperature value.

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USB Input with extended temperature range

USB Input Device with extended
temperature range from -40 to +70 °C

We have improved the USB Input Device.
The supported temperature range is now -40° to +70° Celsius.
The USB input device works even under extreme conditions in this extended temperature range.

USB Input Device with extended temperature range -40 to +70 °C

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USB Input Device: new Configuration Tool

A new version of the USB Input Device Configuration Tool is available for download.

USB Input Device Configuration Tool Version 1.2

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USB Input Device – USB I/O

The USB Input Device (USB I/O) provides universal interfaces for recording digital input signals directly (and analog signals via converter)
through the USB connection of a PC or embedded system. The device has been uniquely designed for industrial deployment, and is
especially suitable for data acquisition, assessment of control signals as well as for post-processing of S0 signals, for example,
from thermistors, water meters and kilowatt-hour power meters.

Equipped with 6 digital ports (24 V DC) and 6 thermistor inputs (for DS18S20) via one-wire bus, it can be used to record any
kind of input values. Bit patterns, counted measurands, and events are relayed directly via USB interfaces to a server where they
can be visualized, evaluated and processed.

The voltage supply for the USB Input Device is provided via USB. Sensors, thermistors and clocks are attached with spring clips.
With these properties and its compact design the USB Input Device is your ideal companion also suitable for mobile deployment.
The intuitive and easily understandable configuration software allows you to adjust the settings of the various ports
(e.g., S0 interval, temperature measurements, etc.) to suit your individual requirements.

The USB input device as metering solution for on the S0 interface of kilowatt-hour-meters.

USB-IO Metering Solution USB Input Device IO2USB
Metering: S0-Input over USB S0 kilowatt-hour-meters data analysis
Photos: Taken at the Embedded World 2010


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