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Wireshark protocol decoder for interface converter ipEther232 and ipEther232.Modem

In addition to the new Configtool Version 15.5 we have released version 1.1 of the Wireshark protocol decoder.

The ipEther decoder plugin for Wireshark simplifies the communication analysis for the Virtual-COM-Port (ipEther232) and the Ethernet-Modem (ipEther232.Modem).

Wireshark protocol decoder CMWireshark protocol decoder TM

Furthermore, we released a light version of the configtool. This can be run without installation to set the IP address and the device name.

All downloads are available now in the support area and on the product pages.

New firmware and driver for ipEther232

Firmware and drivers of our virtual COM-Port
ipEther232 have been updated.

Virtual COM-Port ipEther232: Firmware update
On the product and support page the 32-bit drivers (version 14.03) for ipEther232 and the current firmware (version 12.3) are now available for download.

Firmware 14.03: A small bug with the RS485 two-wire communication was fixed.

The firmware 14.03 can be used with the configtool version 12 as well as with version 14.

For older ipEther232 versions, please take a look at the firmware update page.