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Floppy-Emulator SlimLine

EOL Notice:

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.
Manuals, data sheets, software and drivers are available for downloading in the support area  ».

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Floppy Emulator SlimLine
Floppy Emulator SlimLine

SlimLine Floppy Disk Drive replacement - front Flat Floppy Disk Drive Emulator (SlimLine) with connected 26-pin ribbon cable SlimLine Floppy-Emulator - 3.5 Inch USB Floppy Emulator SlimLine - front

Replace disk drive with a USB Stick!

Swap your slimline floppy drive for the ipcas Floppy- Emulator SlimLine!
The slimline version is especially developed and designed for machines and system which are equipped with a flat slimline floppy drive that connects via a 26-pin flat ribbon cable.
Many machines and devices are still using floppy disk drives. Especially for measurement (eg. oscilloscopes), but also musical instruments or embroidery machines have often as the only means of data input an old floppy disk drive.

Floppy disks are vulnerable to mechanical attrition and environmental influences. The storage medium of this floppy emulator is a considerably less sensitive USB pen drive.

Good news:

You won't ever need floppies anymore and yet you'll be able to secure a guaranteed long-term future for your machines and systems. Almost all laptops and PC's are now already shipped without a floppy drive.

Disadvantages of legacy diskettes:
  • Hardly available at retailers anymore
  • Sensitive to
    • Magnetic fields
    • Dust, oil and other adverse
      environmental conditions
    • Mechanical wear and tear

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Most salient features:

  • The old slimline floppy disk drive is replaced 1:1. The connections are identical (26 pin flat ribbon cable), so no further changes have to be made.
  • The USB pen drive at the Floppy Emulator replaces the old diskette entirely. USB memory components have long life spans.
  • The new USB floppy drives and USB memory components are practically immune to impacts from magnetic fields, dust or shock.

Floppy Emulator SlimLine - connection ports
Floppy Emulator SlimLine - connection ports

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The USB Floppy Emulator SlimLine is suitable for all devices that currently use a SlimLine floppy disk drive.

There is no additional software needed. Only the USB pen drive must be formatted once using the supplied floppy emulator tool.


Floppy Emulator SlimLine Built -in version
• 1x USB socket type A
• 1 x 26-pin floppy controller connection for a flat ribbon cable
• FAT12 File System Interpretation
• Fixed Sector Size: 512 Byte / Sector
• 3,5" - 1,44MB: 80 Tracks / 18 Sectors
• 5,25" - 1,2MB 80 Tracks / 15 Sectors
• 3,5" - 720kB: 80 Tracks / 9 Sectors
Diagnostic LEDs Power, Busy
Voltage supply 5 V DC 1) (voltage range 4,5 ? 5,5 V DC)
via 26 pin flat ribbon cable
Housing aluminum housing
Frame size 3,5 inches (slimline)
Measurements W/H/D Approx. 96mm / 13mm / 123mm
Temperature range 0° C to 65° C
Reative humidity 5 % to 90 % non-condensing
Scope of delivery Floppy Emulator SlimLine3
USB flash drive containing:
Floppy Manager Tool
and User Guide
Purchase order number 0202042-4

1) Further voltages on request

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