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USB Floppy Emulator V3 / Floppy to USB Converter

USB Floppy Emulator V3 - Floppyemulator
USB Floppy Emulator V3

The 3.5 inch floppy disk drive supports almost all disk formats Applications - CNC, Roboter, Textile Industries ... Floppy-Emulator with extremely high compatibility USB Floppy Emulator V3 - Connections Configuration without Jumpers - Multiple transmission rates / Different speeds

Use USB memory in place of floppy disks!

Floppy disk drives are still being used to this day in many areas, especially in the production industries. The reasons for using phased out technologies are various. Machines and production lines often have substantially longer life cycles than IT systems. In many cases the floppy disk drive happens to be the only existing communication interface to read out data and to input or save programs. On top of that, you also have the problem that most machines/systems cannot be upgraded or extended.
Some machines are certified, and upgrading them with additional interfaces (e.g. USB, network) would additionally cost you the price of total re-certification. While here are machines for which upgrading may be a possible option, this usually turns out to be unreasonably expensive and everything but cost-effective.
Now, here comes the good news: The ipcas USB Floppy Emulator V3 offers you an amazingly low-cost and highly effective alternative!

Especially among industrial enterprises, you will find a large variety of specialized disk formats besides the standard types, such as the CP/M, DEC Rainbow, extended DOS, just to mention a couple of them.
In fact, more than 500 different disk formats are currently being used. Which ones do you use?
But now, with the ipcas USB Floppy Emulator V3 on the market, you no longer have to ask that question!

There is practically no format our Floppy Emulator cannot support!

Other disk emulators (just as out own Version 2) operate based on file systems. They use the usual DOS and FAT formats (FAT12) for 1.44 MB, 1.2 MB and 720kB disks. The ipcas USB Floppy Emulator V3, in contrast, operates without file system interpretation. The (virtual) disks are stored on a USB pen drive as images and are loaded to the emulator when in use. Whatever file system is contained in the image is practically irrelevant. Easy configuration enables you to set a wide range of parameters including transmission rates, delays, bit rates and pin assignments (e.g. Disk Change, Drive Select, HD Output).
All settings are saved in a configuration file. The configuration is transferred to the Floppy Emulator with a USB pen drive. A Windows program is available for simple and easy creation of the configuration file. (Alternatively, you may edit an already existing configuration file operating system independent with any text editor.) At conventional floppy disk drives (FDD) these settings were either adjusted with a jumper or were not possible at all. Our floppy disk drive replacement actually enables completely jumper-less configuration without having to open up or extracting the USB-Floppy-Disk drive.
full jumper-free configuration

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The ipcas USB Floppy Emulator V3 supports up to 10 disk images on one pen drive. The disk image currently in use is loaded into the Floppy Emulator. Once an image has been loaded, the USB pen drive can be unplugged anytime during operating (except while the image is being written back to the pen drive). That is why our USB Floppyemulator can be easily deployed in flat installation environments.
The the image used last is automatically selected a soon as the USB pen drive is re-inserted.
The ipcas USB Floppy Emulator V3 is one of the most adaptable floppy emulators currently on the market. Extremely high compatibility with a wide range of disk drive types (e.g. Chinon F2357, TEAC FD235HF C929, YE DATA YD702d 6639d, Panasonic JU 253) and its support of almost all kinds of disk formats are among the most distinguishing features of the ipcas USB Floppy Emulator V3, setting it far apart from its competitors.

List of features:

  • Jumper-free configuration
  • No file system interpretation
  • Multiple transmission rates (250, 300 and 500kB/s)
  • Different speeds (300 or 360 revolutions per minute)
  • High compatibility
  • Internal memory
  • No rotating parts
  • Insensible to Dust
  • Vibration tolerance
  • Write protection

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USB Floppy Emulator V3 Built -in version
• 1x USB socket type A
• 1x 4-pin socket for voltage supply
• 1x 34-pin socket board for 3.5” standard floppy controller connection
• Transmission Rate: 500kb/s, 300kb/s, 250kb/s
• Revolutions per Minute: 300 or 360 rpm
• Usable as Boot Disk approx. 20 s after power up
Diagnostic LEDs Selected, Protected
Display 1-digit 7-segment display to show current virtual floppy and diagnostic
Voltage supply 5 V DC 1) (voltage range 4,5 – 5,5 V DC)
4-pin-voltage supply socket for 3.5 inches drives
Housing aluminum housing
Frame size 3,5 inches
Measurements W/H/D Approx.100mm/25mm/122mm
Temperature range 0° C to 65° C
Reative humidity 5 % to 90 % non-condensing
Scope of delivery USB Floppy Emulator V3
USB flash drive containing:
feitool (floppy emulator image tool for FAT12)
configuration tool
and User Guide
Purchase order number 0202042-10

1) Further voltages on request

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