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USB-Input-Device - digital input signals to USB
USB-Input-Device - din-rail

Collect and visualize digital inputs and temperature sensors via USB.

The USB Input Device provides interfaces for recording digital input signals directly (and analog signals via converter) through the USB connection of a PC or embedded system.

The device is especially well suited for the collection of:

 • Digital input signals
 • S0 consumption meters
 • Temperature sensors

Extended temperature range from -40 to +70 Celsius.

Equipped with 6 digital ports (24 V DC) and 6 thermistor inputs (for DS18S20) via one-wire bus, it can be used to record any kind of input values. Bit patterns, counted measurands, and events are relayed directly via USB interfaces to a server where they can be visualized, evaluated and processed.

Input signals visualized as electrical work
Input signals visualized as electrical work

The voltage supply for the USB Input Device is provided directly via USB. Sensors, S0 consumption meters, temperature sensor and clock generator are connected via industrial screw terminals. The intuitive and easily understandable configuration software allows you to adjust the settings of the various ports (e.g., S0 interval, temperature measurements, etc.) to suit your individual requirements.

USB-Input-Device - Configuration software
Connect power meter with S0 interface Effective data collection on S0 consumption meter.
  • When do peak loads occur?
  • Which users produce which peak loads?
  • Who generate which consumption?
  • Which consumer generate which costs?

All consumption meters with S0 interface (e.g. Electric meter, Gas meter, Water meter, Heating meter) can be connected.

Get an overview of your consumtion.

Collect and analyze temperature values

The digital temperature sensors DS18S20 are connected through a single-wire bus system to the USB-Input-Device. An external power supply is not needed.

Collect and analyze temperature values / Reporting of several cyclic temperature values over time
Collect and analyze temperature values / Reporting of several cyclic temperature values over time


USB-Input-Device Desktop versionDIN-Rail Unit
• 1 x USB 1.1 socket Typ B (USB 2.0 compatible)
• 6 x Input channel 24 V DC
   Separate channels:
500 V galvanic isolation in three terns
   Isolation voltage:
500 V agin USB
   Input voltage:
24 V DC (0 -30 V DC)
   Input current:
at 24V approx. 8mA per input channel
   Input level:
low-level at < 5V ; high-level at > 10V
   Line cross sectionsection:
0,08 ... 1,5 mm (AWG 28 ... 16)
   Input scan cyclecycle:
1 ... 255 ms
   Input debouncing:
1 ... 15 fold scan cycle
• 6x Temperature sensor DS18S20
      (-55°C to +125C with ±0,5°C accuracy)
      (-55°C to +125°C with ±2°C accuracy)
Voltage supply + 5 V DC via USB
Power consumption max. 500 mA, typical 80 mA
Measurements W/H/D
Plastic, approx. 72 / 25 / 50 mm Plastic, approx. 25 / 72 / 64 mm
Operating/Storage temperature -40° C to +70° C / -40° C to +70° C
Relative humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
Protection class IP30
Standards CE
Scope of supply USB-Input-Device
Configuration software and
manual are available on the Internet
Purchase order number 0202045 0202045-H

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